Themes - Togas to top hats.

Be whoever you want to be, go wherever you want to go, meet whoever you want to meet and find yourself in a world that you created.

In designing the party of your dreams there is simply no limit to the creativity and imagination we can provide.

Special effects, costumes, lighting and props can transform any venue into a fantasy world where you and your guests will be constantly inspired and surprised as the event unfolds.

Sophisticated, traditional, unusual, alternative, innovative; the choice is yours.

We have the contacts and resources to provide a theme that runs from the very first invitations you send out through to farewell gifts or follow ups and beyond to the impressions your guests hold in their memory.

Where will you imagination take you?

  • Arabian Nights

  • Mexican

  • Indian

  • Far Eastern

  • Night at the Oscars

  • Toga Party

  • Heaven and Hell

  • Medieval

  • Moroccan Kasbah

  • Jungle Mania

  • Casino Night

  • Race Night

  • Rio Carnival

  • Outer Space

  • Seventies

  • Swinging Sixties

  • Wild West

  • Gangsters

  • Italian Palazzo/Garden Party